Simplify Kubernetes app & data management for your team with CAPE

Now is the best time to subscribe to CAPE – here’s why

So you’re the designated Kubernetes guru of your group, the master of deploying and managing applications in the cloud across multiple environments, but we know that your K8s knowledge and skill didn’t come easy – Kubernetes is a great container orchestration tool but it is also hard. Advanced functionality in Kubernetes requires real expert knowledge, and that can be challenging even for time-starved, seasoned pros.

And that’s why we decided to build CAPE. As cloud native developers ourselves, we wanted a simple way to deploy and manage Kubernetes applications in hybrid cloud environments efficiently. CAPE makes the difficult simple when it comes to Kubernetes Disaster Recovery, Cluster Migration & Upgrades, Data Protection and Cloning. Days and months of effort are reduced to mere minutes with the click of a few buttons in CAPE.

Why Subscribe to cAPE?

CAPE has two plans – a free for life Community Edition for those who want to dip their toe in and give CAPE a go with no strings attached for unlimited clusters, but a limitation to 10 nodes.

If you are scaling production workloads, we recommend subscribing to the Enterprise Plan which offers unlimited nodes and dedicated support to help you get started – all for just US$20 per node per month. Learn more here.

Superhero Kickstart OFfer: USD $5,000 Credits ABSOLUTELY FREE – but only for 1st 100 users

CAPE Superhero Kickstart Offer

Hands up if you like free stuff! If you were looking to subscribe to CAPE, now is the absolute best time to do it because from now until 31 Oct 2020, you don’t even need to fork out cash. Just use the promo code CAPE5K when you subscribe to CAPE and you’ll receive USD $5,000 credits immediately in your account, absolutely FREE. Yes, you read right. FREE because we believe CAPE will transform your Kubernetes projects and we want to help you get started as soon as you can.

This great deal is limited to our first 100 subscribers only so don’t take too long to hit that subscribe button!

Offer ended 31 Oct 2020. You can still try CAPE for free or subscribe to CAPE here.

How to activate your free credits

If you’re ready to subscribe to CAPE and enjoy your USD $5,000 worth of credits, here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Sign up for for an account

Head on over to the CAPE Subscription portal to sign up for an account – you can use your email or your Google/Github accounts to sign up.

Step 2: Select/Add an installation

You will need to subscribe to a specific installation to activate those credits. Add your first installation if you don’t already have one.

Step 3: Enter your credit card details

Fill in your credit card details so we can set up your Enterprise Plan account and boom! Your credits will be ready and waiting. You will be provided the license key information to execute for your CAPE on-prem installation.

Step 4: Start using CAPE

What are you waiting for? Grab your license key and install CAPE via your preferred method, whether it’s Helm, Docker, Azure, Ansible or Github.

So there you have it – go forth and enjoy spending your free credits. If you have any feedback for us, do drop us a line and tell us how we can improve, and tell all your friends to come get CAPE before this amazing deal runs out!

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