Installing Cape

IMPORTANT: CAPE requires docker and k3d to be installed on desktop.

CAPE need to be installed on desktop via docker and k3d. If you are viewing this on mobile, enter your email here to receive full installation instructions for when you are ready to install CAPE.

How to Install CAPE

Follow the instructions below or install CAPE via your favorite platforms:

Step 1: Start k3d local instance

Prerequisites: docker and k3d are installed

Enter the following command:

k3d cluster create dev -p 443:443@loadbalancer --agents=0 --wait

kubectl cluster-info

Note: The Kubernetes cluster “dev” has been created locally

Step 2: Install CAPE

By running the following command, I have read and agree to CAPE privacy policyterms of service and end user license agreement

kubectl apply -f

kubectl set env deploy/web CAPE_ACCEPT_TOS=true -n cape

Step 3: Access CAPE UI

Enter the following command:

kubectl -n cape wait --for=condition=available --timeout=600s deployment/web

Please wait for CAPE deployment to complete and open a new tab with the following URL:

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Supported Platforms

Alibaba Cloud

Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Azure
Digital Ocean

Google Cloud
Tencent Cloud

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