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Introducing CAPE!

We are excited to release CAPE v1.0.0 CAPE is a kubernetes operator for Multi-Cluster Application Deployment and Multi-Cluster Disaster Recovery!

CAPE is based on battle-tested kubernetes backup and disaster recovery tool Velero. This release primarily focuses on workload backup and restore features – read this article to learn more about backup and disaster recovery, then go try it out for yourself and let us know what you think!

Where can you get in touch with CAPE community?

There are a number of different places you can reach out to the CAPE community:

CAPE v1.0.0 features

Here’s what’s included and not in this version of CAPE:

FeatureSingle ClusterMultiple ClusterTarget release
Kubernetes application manifests backupsReadyReadyv1.0.0
OCP/OKD supportReadyReadyv1.0.0
Using same/different s3 based backend storage for application manifest backupsReadyReadyv1.0.0
Kubernetes application data backupsReadyReadyv1.0.0
RBAC / multi-tenancy basicReadyReadyv1.0.0
Combining different type of object storages when sharing backupsReadyNot Readyv1.1.0
Alicloud OSSReadyNot Supportedv1.0.0
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