Product overview

Kubernetes (K8s) has become the de-facto standard for cloud native containerized applications, but teams scaling K8s are finding themselves face-to-face with “new but old” challenges. 

Applications in Kubernetes are subject to the same enterprise requirements for disaster recovery, data mobility and deployment quality as their monolithic counterparts. Developers trying to meet these demands in Kubernetes face a steep learning curve and a confusing array of supporting tools. 

CAPE abstracts and automates critical functionality for multi-cluster app and data management. CAPE stands for “Clusters Across Platforms & Environments”. Developers can use the intuitive CAPE UI to easily configure and automate crucial tasks for backup & restore, data migration and multi-cloud app deployment without worry about the underlying environment. 



Focused K8s Tool

Focused K8s Tool

CAPE is built for and focuses on Kubernetes enablement

Amazingly easy to use

Amazingly easy to use

CAPE UI provides an intuitive and single interface to access all functionalities through optimized workflows



CAPE supports and plugs into ALL major cloud platforms, on-prem and edge environments, enabling easy cross-cloud portability without lock-in

Key Features

Disaster Recovery

CAPE’s backup and mobility capabilities extend the capabilities of Velero, a popular open source tool for Kubernetes backup and restore into a UI-based experience.

• Perform persistent volume claims (PVC) backups from on-prem or cloud storage environments
• Back up either application, data or both
• Set up on demand or scheduled backups (custom range; daily or weekly)
• Carry out incremental or full backups
• Restore to the same cluster or different cluster across cloud, on-prem or edge environments
• Provide for role-based backup and restore

Data Mobility & Migration

• Migrate data between non-federated clusters for environment isolation and operational control
• Support data migration across different public and private cloud infrastructures including: Alibaba Cloud, AWS, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, Huawei, Microsoft Azure, Tencent Cloud, Edge and On-prem​
• Data is encrypted at rest and in transit

Multi-Cluster Application Deployment

• Control plane to federate clusters, manage application and services
• Provides templates for consistent, error-free cross-environment deployments
• Deploy Kubernetes applications to multiple clusters via kubernetes manifests or Helm charts
• Manage cluster access by uploading via kubeconfig or via kubectl command behind NAT
• Automatically sync host cluster and member cluster configurations

Drag And Drop CI/CD Workflow Manager*

• Automate building, testing, and deployment of applications across multiple environments
• Deployment pipelines support complex workflows, canary rollouts and blue-green deployments
• Execute any required infrastructure steps that are automated as code to stand up or tear down cloud infrastructure
• Execute continuous tests and rollback environments if tests fail
• Provide log data and alerts on the state of delivery
• Manage artifacts
• Supports both standard and decoupled deployment pipelines

* In development

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